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Music Ain’t About Money

There are always going to be a few rapidly rising stars in any walk of life, any business, any form of entertainment. And good luck to them all. The reality is that most musicians never reach those heights, and in many cases it’s because they don’t actually want to. Most artists create paintings that they know will never sell, or that if they sell them they will never realise their true value in compensating them for all the blood, sweat and tears. It’s the same for musicians and other entertainers, so why do we do it?

Some time ago I allowed a smart arse with a red bow tie to connect with me via Linkedin. He ran a business network franchise so I thought it might be worth at least a chat. So I accepted his connection request and as he was relatively local suggested we met for a coffee and a cake. He agreed that would be a useful idea and said “I look forward to learning the secrets of your success”. Jeez. That wasn’t a great start. So I replied with “Define success”. We did meet a few weeks later and he was precisely the leech I thought he would be!

‘Connections’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Followers’ on social media have a single dimension so for me, it’s important to get out there and make an effort to meet the ones you exchange most views with – not always easy when they are in another country but as International Trade is my day job I’m accustomed to making those things happen. So when after about 6 months of talking on Twitter to Kristen from The Lewinskies I suggested they should fly over to gig with us, she probably actually thought ‘weird bloke’!! Yet her and Matthew had the courage and belief to fly over to Manchester from their home in Milton, Nova Scotia last May to be part of the first ever Viva Musica! event – afternoon music workshops followed by evening gigs from independent musicians.

That they are returning this May for more of the same, and even more, says a lot about the connections we all made in 2017 at The Fuse and Todmorden Unitarian Church, and it says a great deal about The Lewinskies. Are they coming over here for the money? I hope not! They are coming over for the additional profile that gigging in the UK will provide. They are coming over because we became firm friends – not just me and them but just about everyone they came into contact with. We are extremely pleased to be welcoming them back on Thursday, and that we have a varied bunch of gigs in different special venues.

More than that though, the venues we are playing in have all engaged with us, really actively. They have helped in promoting our gigs with us. Two have agreed to afternoon workshops on weekend days, and one of those will this year be adding local arts and craft stalls to give space to talented people who may not always get opportunities like this. Most are run by communities whose access to raising funds is limited, so all our gig proceeds go to the venues and in return we sell CDs and merchandise, and most importantly get to know more fantastic people.

These two are good. I mean these two are GOOD! So “come along & join us…”

Music Ain’t About Money – welcome back Kristen & Matthew!!

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