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New Single: Ocean

This morning I woke up feeling somewhat broken. It’s what happens when an old person who thinks he’s still a teenager has several consecutive days of activity and late nights…and some whisky. As I sat in recovery mode in the living room looking out at the sunny day, a pair of sparrows began to fly frantically between the hawthorn hedge and the bird feeder, carrying seed to their greedy offspring in a nest that should have been obliterated by Friday’s hedge cutting activity. Each time the feeder was free of sparrows a coal tit sped in and out, probably on a similar mission, and after about twenty minutes everything went quiet, and calm was restored to the front garden.

It has been a manic week, with a lot of day job work to clear ahead of Wednesday’s film night and Thursday’s full day recording session over at The Crib. It feels like it has been a busy few weeks since our ten days with #TheLewinskies because Ali and I have not had a studio session for a while, so I went armed with two songs, Ocean and The Judge. Ocean is my thank you to Matthew and Kristen for flying across from Nova Scotia on a wing and a prayer to be part of a week of music collaboration, and has now been released on Bandcamp as a single. The Judge is a track I wrote the lyrics for last September for next year’s The Breeding Ground Of Vile album and finally put a tune to last weekend. It’s about a refugee dreaming revenge on their trafficker.

A morning of work on Friday was followed by a lunch meeting at a local Thai restaurant with Miguel F.A. to set our thought processes in train for next year’s music showcase at The Fuse, and to nail down a date. So May 9th 2018 needs to be blocked in your diaries. Not everyone gets what we are trying to do, but it really is very simple. We are providing a showcase for musicians and singers to perform, be photographed professionally, and to have both video and sound recordings made of their performances. This isn’t a normal gig experience, and will always be for invited guests. It is collaborative between the musicians, provides opportunities for jamming, or for those who have no music experience to pick up an instrument and have a try. More another day, but Viva Musica 2017 was a roaring success.

I had hoped to go to Stanley Park in Blackpool today to watch both Kieran’s band the Cracked and Emma and Kate in their new acoustic guise perform in the beautiful sunshine at the bandstand. However, a mix of my birthday yesterday, the annual Reed family walk (this year at Condor Green), and the visit for a couple of nights by some friends over from New Zealand meant a change of plan.

Instead, I finished my Friday tasks by 4:30pm and promptly sat in my first traffic queue in a journey to Fleetwood to watch the girls perform there. Kieran and I joined these two incredibly talented chameleons for The Sun Goes Round The Moon at the end of their acoustic set, following which they changed into the glittery disco personas to deliver a fabulous set of ‘80s and disco music to a backing track.

And now I have a sunny day to sit around doing not very much at all, which is highly unusual. That wonderful feeling of the calm after the storm. I am playing a few solo songs at Sale Folk Club on Tuesday evening but please keep your eyes on our gigs page because it gives all the latest gigs from each of The Folded Arms and of course when we play together in one of our formats. You can find Ocean on Bandcamp at:


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