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Just as we close in on the completion of #TheBreedingGroundOfVile, with just two more recording sessions left before the mix, the USA, the UK, and France make the incredulous decision to bomb Syria, on the pretext that they are targeting chemical weapons facilities and storage and on the pretence that they really care. The bombing that took place in the early hours of this morning was not sanctioned by our Parliament, and the last time we targeted chemical weapons facilities it failed. So the lyrics to #NotInMyName were written by 8am and the tune followed this afternoon.

We live in a world where people spend their waking hours shouting at each other, which means that nobody listens. We don’t need appeasement but neither do we need aggression. We employ diplomats on fat salaries to steer a safe course, to advise politicians, and for the politicians to heed that advice. Anyone with half a brain knows that the events of last night will have resulted from Donald Trump giving the UK little choice but to follow on his coat tails into a conflict that is far more likely to have repercussions on our shores than on his. You reap what you sow.

Our Prime Minister is weak. She runs a minority government and is only leading the Conservative Party because the alternatives are even more awful. To call her ‘a safe pair of hands’ is only a comparative. The blundering Bullingdon bully Boris Johnson seems to have the delusion that he is Churchill (who by the way was an alcoholic and not a very nice man, and while seemingly a brilliant leader in times of war was hopeless in peacetime), transforming quickly from being a joke journalist to being the most dangerously undiplomatic Foreign Secretary in my lifetime.

I always swore I wouldn’t swear in any of my recorded songs, but I needed #NotInMyName properly to convey my disgust at my country being taken yet again to the brink of conflict. Today’s bombing of Syria seemed to act as a metaphor for the reversal of all the good things that have happened in the last 50 years. Almost a year ago the Manchester arena was bombed essentially because this country interfered in a conflict that it could do little about. If one person dies on our home soil as a result of this latest military aggression, then the blood will be on Theresa May’s hands.


#TheBreedingGroundOfVile will be released on 17thJune, my 60th birthday.  But I am still 18 inside.

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