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Unite or Die

That this government is the most vile I have ever experienced is beyond doubt. Fronted by a leader whose clear lack of gravitas and confidence is only matched by the incompetence of her ministers, they continue to pay lip service to the epidemic of tax dodging among the super rich, the non-Doms, the ex-Pats and the exiles, while those who limp precariously from day to day and from meal to meal, struggle to pay extortionate rent for substandard accommodation. Yet May took over from Cameron whose poisoned chalice of Brexit was too hot for him to handle, and she inherited the politics of austerity that his Chancellor so gleefully perpetrated on our society. Her party is divided between Leavers and Remainers, between rightists and centrists, between traditionalists and fascists, between those with political experience and those who are barely out of their metaphorical nappies. So how is her terrible government still clinging to power?

There are two answers.

Firstly, nobody wants Cameron’s poisoned chalice. May is there to see out the catastrophe of Brexit and any calls for party unity are only made to keep her firmly in her Prime Ministerial seat. The toxicity of any alternatives, the bumbling loose cannon that is Johnson, the nation’s archetypal directionless public schoolboy Gove, the disconnectedly evil Rees-Mogg, the transparently incompetent Davis, and the stonewalling example of how not to negotiate anything Javid, only serves to illustrate how deeply divided and unelectable the Conservative Party should currently be. May will stay the Brexit course because nobody else wants to be saddled with that responsibility.

Secondly, when the centrist and leftists of the main Opposition party spit venom and deeply personal abuse, and throw verbal brickbats at each other publicly across the air waves, through the mainstream media, and especially the uncontrollable social media, it suits the incompetent incumbents down to the ground. The media has always favoured the right because that’s what has always sustained it, both politically and financially, and it won’t bite the hand that feeds it. That the Labour Party is unable to steer an even course and show unity in the face of this most destructive and despicable of governments, shows either that it is simply not capable of exercising that control, or that actually it doesn’t want to be elected as the next government.

I can see why as we teeter on the cliff top of Brexit, an Opposition party would rather let the government get on with it, then mop up the mess it creates, but when the Labour Party has not stated a clear position on the most significant political change in my 60 years, it leaves one to conclude that actually Corbyn, no lover of the European Union, would prefer to leave anyway. To have presided over the vicious language that is being thrown around his party without exercising firm leadership is signalling to May and her dysfunctional disciples that the 2020 election if theirs to lose not Labour’s to win.

So from now until March 2019, and beyond to the next election, expect almost daily government propaganda from our media: falling unemployment; new overseas investments; a stronger pound; a second consecutive beautiful summer; and of course, being awarded the 2030 World Cup. These are desperate times. Our political system is playing the same old broken record, only it seems to have deeper scratches between the grooves, and the mould that settled on the surface decades ago has never been treated. If the main Opposition party won’t put its differences aside as the Conservatives have always been so adept at doing, and unite to win the next election, we will surely be lumbered with a Conservative autocracy for decades to come. Can you live with that? Because I fucking can’t.



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