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We saw a fabulous gig last night. Two girls singing their hearts out in a pub in Fleetwood. As we drove along Lord Street towards the chippy where we had decided to eat, the place seemed like a ghost town but it was just before 7 in the evening so I imagine people would have been having dinner, getting ready to go out, or more probably settling down to watch another predictable football match between a top flight team and one that hoped to have their transient day of relative glory.

So into the chippy we strode. Three 60-ish something blokes. During the half hour or so we were in there, the chippy took a collective £20 from us in return for some cracking good fish and chips that set us up for the evening’s entertainment ahead. In that 30 minutes the entire chippy emptied. It felt like one of those moments in Westerns where a gunslinger walks through the swinging entrance doors and the bar clears. The chippy may have just been about to close of course.

We drove back up Lord Street and stopped en route to The Steamer pub. Both Kieran and I needed to pick up some cash so we did a spot of synchronised banking: him to RBS on the left and me to Santander on the right. The place was deserted apart from some overgrown kid on a bike with no lights making a vague attempt to run us over as we crossed the road back towards the car. It was still early, but back in the day at that time Lord Street would have been full of people finishing work on a Friday night and heading straight to the pub. There may even have been a few fights.

We pulled up in a car parking space right outside the pub and when we went in there were probably a dozen people at most in what is quite a decent sized ground floor. We ordered our drinks and sat down for a chat, eventually to be joined by a fourth bloke. We watched the sound man set up his gear and the girls sound check, and a few more bodies filled a few more chairs. By this time it was about 8:30pm, and Kate’s family arrived to watch her and Emma as ‘Two Birds & a Guitar’ for the first time.

The music came on and the lights were dimmed so that the somewhat psychedelic sequenced disco lights would have more impact, and one of the barmen apologised to me because I was about to take video of their 45 minute set. My camera coped well though, and the girls took to the stage and delivered a sensational set of covers of old and new songs, made special by their own vocal interpretations.

Those sitting watching the football on the telly were probably bombarded during the intervals with advertisements backed by unimaginative, bland, frequently wimped down versions of formerly acceptable songs. But we few were treated to a feast of vocal harmony from two girls who we are very lucky and proud to be working with.

We saw a fabulous gig last night. You missed it.

Please get out there and #supportindependentmusicians

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