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Collaboration is the Way

Friday 6thApril saw a break from the usual recording routine. After almost two years, I finished all my work for #TheBreedingGroundOfVile double album a couple of sessions ago, so the last few sessions are for the other members of #TheFoldedArms to add their brand of magic, then it’s all down to how long the mix takes. The album is due for release in the middle of June.

Just before Christmas 2017 Russ Still, a country rocker from Atlanta Georgia and long time Twitter friend, invited me to put a tune to a new song of his, ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’. It was a real challenge because first I wasn’t sure I could cross into a different genre and give him something that would do justice to the feel of his lyrics, and second I had never written for anyone else before.

Russ and I share our age, June birthdays, and a love of quality music, and I got to know him via a number of email exchanges, where initially I was just responding to some of his thoughtful and very human regular newsletters. So before I go any further, you can sign up to read them yourself at http://russstill.com– and have a listen to his song “Promised Land’.

So our day on Friday started with the mix for Monkey See Monkey Do, and this preview video is from the recording session as we added the guitar track. The single will be released in the next couple of weeks on all the usual platforms and Russ and I will share the proceeds.

Our second job on Friday was to mix a demo song for Emma and Kate, a cover of Lorde’s Green Light. It didn’t take much doing because their work on the original recording was so good. In the end we produced two versions, one just to mix exactly what they left us with, and a second with a few simple ideas from me and #HeyGamal. Then, after tidying up three or four of my album tracks, I did some work on some new stuff for #HeyGamal.

Just a month from today #TheLewinskies will be taking their flights from Nova Scotia to #Manchester for 11 gigs with us in 8 days, and on 14thMay they will add the icing on the cake with the final recording session for #TheBreedingGroundOfVile. We will be accompanying each other in some of the songs of our respective sets. Music collaborations are very much the way.


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