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So Here It Is….

For me, there is something incomplete about producing an EP or album until I finally receive the physical CDs. So first, here is #TheBreedingGroundOfVile in its physical form. It looks great. It sounds great. It takes time and a big effort from a whole bunch of people to get a CD to look right, and to reflect the mood of the music it delivers, and I am very pleased with the results.

I now have three physical CDs: #Moorscape, #DryTheLife, and #TheBreedingGroundOfVile. There is one more work #TheMadnessEP which you can find at https://johnreed.bandcamp.com/album/the-madness-ep that happened due to one of the increasing number of happy accidents that has accompanied me on my music journey since I bought my first #cittern in July 2014. The Madness was released in January 2017 when we were in the early stages of recording The Breeding Ground – more of that later.

Before #Moorscape I had not experienced the process of putting together an album, so everything was new to me. At that time I had done some work with a young marketing company in Leigh, Greater Manchester – https://www.thinkcre8.co.uk– who had produced a couple of roll up banners and promotional leaflets for my business. Their work was so good that I asked them if they would like the challenge of creating a CD cover. I don’t think they were ever going to say no!

So I sent them a bunch of photographs and my mock up ideas without really considering how superior their efforts would be. What they came back with was simple, eye catching, and properly dimensioned, yet missed none of the detail I had included in the brief either in the CD sleeve or the face of the actual disc. They quickly became my ‘Go To’ accomplices for any kind of promotion for my music, and they raised the standard with the follow up #DryTheLife EP cover … because that’s what they do, and it generally takes a couple of weeks for them to perform their magic.

CR8 don’t print the actual CDs. They get the design to a point where you know anything sent to a CD printer will be exactly as you want it. The process involves proofs being sent back and forth a few times before the design is signed off and sent to their CD printing partner – https://www.showcasecreative.com– who organise the glass master from which the final physicals are printed. Showcase’s process takes between 7 and 10 working days.

Everything is still a learning process for this collaboration, and one day when I was harvesting stuff on my allotment I had a call from Lauren at CR8 to say that both they and Showcase had realised their quotations had not taken into account the fact that The Breeding Ground was a double CD. Nor had I!! So an accommodation was reached and 10 days later a couple of boxes arrived at my front door.


Meanwhile #TheMadnessEP still has no physical CD…or does it? There are plans afoot to do something a little different for 2019.

The buzz you get from seeing something you have created finally arrives with you beats any temporary excitement that an online release might give. It’s partly because you have something physical that feels less transient, that feels like more of a gift to those who choose to buy it, but it’s also the result of a process that involves a lot of good people, from the musicians and the producer to the people that help with the design process. Thank you all for making this possible.

You can buy #TheBreedingGroundOfVile and all of my music at https://johnreed.bandcamp.com

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