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Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!!

It’s a long time since I had a good rant. In the last few weeks I have purchased a number of things to help me with both my business and my music: Professional Indemnity Insurance for my business, a small PA System and Musical Equipment Insurance for the music. In all cases the purchases were seamless. I had done my research and knew what I wanted. The only thing I needed to physically see and test was the PA, and that took no more than half an hour in store. I was very happy with the level of service both there and with my online insurance deals insofar as insurance can ever make you happy.

The day after buying the PI insurance I received a ‘How Did We Do’ email. It took rather longer for similar emails to arrive from the PA and music insurance people. Why? Are these organisations so unconfident about their ability to deliver good products and services that they constantly need to check how they’ve done? It’s ludicrous and smacks of disorganisation and the left hand not having a clue what the right is doing, although I could hazard a guess!

I have argued for a very long time that the very term ‘Customer Service’ should be struck from the business handbooks because it is something that should be self-evident. It’s needy and silly and unnecessary. “Ah. But what about After Sales?” I hear some exclaim. Well we used to call that After Sales Service.

There is a thing called the Marketing Concept. I read it in a book. It’s all about focussing on your customers’ needs, but I do that anyway so I learned next to nothing. In the case of the PA people, I knew what I wanted, visited the store, spoke to some very nice and knowledgeable people, and bought a PA. In the case of the music equipment insurance I looked around the Internet and chose a policy that suited my needs, and bought it. In the case of the PI Insurance I was simply renewing as I do every year. That’s all the customer focus I need thank you very much. Now go and employ people to do productive things that mean something!


The most ridiculous example I can recall of this culture of needless neediness is when my car was recalled to the garage to have a battery lead safety checked. So I booked an appointment to drop the car off with them in Manchester and collected later that day when the checks had been made. Only as I drove the car out of their compound – ie: within about ten yards – there was a horrible scraping sound. I stopped the car and the exhaust had fallen off. I opened the bonnet to see if there was anything else amiss. There was. A battery lead had not been reconnected. Oh dear.

The eruption could probably be heard six miles away in Sale. I can cope with people making mistakes but when it comes to a flagrant disregard for safety and a clear attempt to win more business by dislodging my exhaust, the perpetrators deserve a bit of a hiding. I was not at all happy.

The exhaust by the way was repaired by my local garage the following day for free with a larger washer. I was sat in the dining room the following morning when the phone rang. It was the garage…”How did we do?” Oh deary me…

Anyway, of course absolutely none of that pent up anger ever gets into my music so go and listen to it you utter bastards!!



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